Boda Boda V3 All Terrain

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Half mountain bike - Half cargo bike

The Boda Boda All-Terrain is Yuba’s first designated off-road cargo bike, built mission-ready.

It’s stealthy attitude and solid-built frame allow you to take anything and anyone with you. With hydraulic disc brakes, beefed up components and a 220-pound cargo capacity, there’s almost no limit what this cargo bike can do.

And, it comes in Special Ops Black—only!

Rough & Tough

This bomber cargo bike is outfitted with knobby WTB tires and grips for extra traction on the trail, paired with ultra durable rims and sleek saddle for the road.



·         2×10 SRAM

·         Hydraulic Disc Brakes

·         Aluminum Frame & Cro-Mo Fork

·         WTB All-Terrain Sport Tires

·         WTB rims

·         WTB Saddle and Grips

·         Color Black only


·         Wheelskirts

·         Side Stand

Real Payload: 220 lbs / 100 kg

Gearing: 2×10

Weight: 39 lbs / 17.5 kgBIKE

Length: 6’1″ / 186 cm


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