Endurance Formula

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Perfect for competing and training, eLoad Sports Drink prevents and controls heat stress by replacing sweat electrolytes and fluids as they are lost.  1.5kg (3.3lb) Canister makes 25L (6.6 Gal.) / 50 Servings.



  • Optimum hydration, facilitated by higher sodium levels
  • - One of the most effective replenishers of sweat electrolyte available today
  • - Helps prevent heat illness
  • - Rapid fueling with a primary carbohydrate, high glycemic index dextrose
  • - Reduces the chance of bonking
  • - Minimises cramping by buffering lactic acid production with MultiCitrate™
  • How much to use entirely depends on how much you are sweating. For guidance refer to ELOAD's Nutrition Calculators. In short, if you sweat one litre per hour in the conditions in which you are exercising, than you should try to replace these losses at a maximum of this rate, in order to optimise hydration and to balance sweat electrolyte losses.
  • You can use ELOAD Sports Drink as the base for your training and event nutrition, customising it to meet your specific carbohydrate and electrolyte needs with ELOAD Fly (pure carbohydrate fuel) and ELOAD ZoneCaps (electrolyte sustainer).
  • Read more about customising your ELOAD +
  • Purposely formulated with a 5.4% (54 grams per litre) carbohydrate concentration - compared to a range of 6-8% (60-80 grams per litre) in other products - an important consideration in preventing nausea.


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