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Much more than just a thirst quencher!
LG1 Sports Drink is a blend of natural sugars from fruit, Vitamin C and extremely concentrated mineral salts that ensure optimal hydration and maximal absorption of carbohydrates for improved performances.



Performance or recreational enthusiasts alike need an energy source to replenish electrolytes in a tasty formula that is easy to drink and digest. This was our most important premise for the development of our triad of tastes. Tried and tested by athletes of all levels.



·         A balanced formula with low amounts of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates to deliver intense and prolonged energy sources while you push your body to new limits. 

·         An energy hydration recipe offered in 3 flavors, geared to resupply and replenish lost minerals with 2 key electrolytes. 

·         Great-tasting due to its smart mix of quality ingredients well-balanced minerals and antioxidants (Vitamins C and E). Great-tasting also means you won't forgo drinking while managing your race/training efforts. 

·         Available in tubs, but also in convenient pouches. Keep some in the jersey, stuff musettes or anywhere near your gear for a quick grab and run for another great training or race! 


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