What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa and MasterCard and Debit for bicycle rentals. We cannot accept Cash.

Is there a Security Deposit required?

A: A security deposit is required - it varies by model rented $200-$500 per bike.

Do you have children’s bikes for rent?

A: Not at this time, however, our Yuba Cargo/Passenger bikes will accommodate up to two children (helmets are mandatory for children under 18 years of age). We also have a selection of bicycles with the option to add a rear mounted child seat (max weight 40lbs additional charge applies)

Can I rent for multiple days?

A: Velotique welcomes multiple-day rentals we even give you a discount on daily rentals after the first day! View Rental Rates.

Can we leave our bags with you?

A: We provide baskets for the bikes you rent from us for a small one-time fee. This way you can take your things with you!  We do not have on-site baggage storage options at this time.

Do you have a cycling map / area path map? 

A: Check out our recommended bike routes here.

Do I really need to lock the bike?

A: Yes, please lock the rental bikes. It’s very important. You can even rent a lock for a nominal fee ($4.95).

Do I need to wear the helmet?

A: Helmets are not law for adults but they are a good idea and we provide them for free!

What options do you offer for my kids?

A: They can ride with you on a Yuba cargo bike! It’s awesome and safer than having to worry about corralling them.

Can I book in advance?

A: At this time, you cannot reserve a rental bike in advance. We will almost always have plenty of options.

Can I rent on behalf of someone else?

A: Absolutely. You may register for the rental yourself and have someone else use the bicycle. You will be responsible for the bike and the safety of the rider and others. You will need to have an idea of their height, build and ride preference. Your credit card will be charged. We cannot charge a credit card if the card owner is not present.

Do I need to tell you how long I would like to rent?

A: No, bicycle rental is pay-as-you-go. You may keep the bikes for as long as you would like before we close.

What is required to rent a bicycle?

A: We require a cell phone number (to reach you in case of a problem) your name, E-mail address, and a credit card. The credit card deposit will act as a security deposit for the bicycles while you are gone. Upon your return, we charge you for your bike rental using Visa or MasterCard.

I am really short/tall. Do you have a bike for me?

A: Oh yeah! We’ve got a great range of sizes for adult bikes.

Do you rent for a longer duration than a couple of days?

A: You are more than welcome to rent for a longer period of time. Each additional day costs $35.00 for standard-type bikes.
View Rental Rates.

What type of bike should I rent?

A: Our friendly and knowledgable staff will help you pick the best bike to suit your needs whether it is a beach cruiser, fat bike, single speed, or cargo bike.

How does your rental pricing work?

A: Very well thank you. View Rental Rates.

What’s included in the rental price?

A: A fabulous bicycle, a bell, reflectors and a helmet, most have fenders and a kickstand. Baskets and locks are available for a small one-time charge. 

How do I lock my bike when I want to walk around or visit a museum?

A: We provide cable-style combination locks for a small fee.

What is the difference between those BikeShare bikes and Velotique Rental bikes?

A: Price and weight. With Bike Share, riders are charged after the first half hour of riding and do not have the flexibility to go for long rides or rent for multiple days without getting charged.

Can I rent a bike from one of your locations and have it picked up somewhere else when I'm done?

A: Rental bikes must be returned to our Woodbine Beach location.

Are your rental bikes any good? 

A: All our bikes are new this year. They are light weight, comfortable and we check and maintain the fleet after each rental.

Can I rent an E-bike (electric bike)?

A: Velotique does not offer eBike rentals at this time but that’s a good idea!

What is the maximum speed we are allowed to go?

A: The Toronto bike path speed limit is 15km/h. Please be mindful of all users of this mixed-use trail.

What is the difference between your foldable and non-foldable bike?

A: We only sell folding bikes. We do not rent folding bikes at this time.

How far can I travel on the Toronto lakeshore bike path?

A: The Toronto lakeshore Martin Goodman trail is 18km long and stretches from Balmy Beach to Humber Bay. And then you can come back East or go North… just don't go South.

Can I ride the bicycle in the rain or snow?

A: Sure!

Do I get a lock with the rental bike?

A: Velotique provides locks with rental bikes for a one time fee of $4.95

What is the weight capacity of the bike?

A: 250lbs. or 113.4kg.

I like this particular bicycle, can I purchase it?

A: Absolutely! And we deduct the rental amount with proof of payment!

Can I rent a bike at your Queen St. location?

A: At this time rentals are only available at the Woodbine Beach location.

Can you fix a flat or repair my personal bike at the Woodbine Beach rental kiosk?

A: Good news! We can fix a flat and do minor repairs, but for more extensive repairs and tune ups visit our shop at 1592 Queen St. E, we can address any service needs there.