Action Bridge

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Front Fork Support for Beginners 

·         Helper device for beginners 

·         Holds front fork after removing front wheel to enable to stand bike alone 

·         By changing the bottom bracket direction and installation position, it will fit multiple models 

·         Quick release skewer is floating mounted to avoid damage even if you lose balance 


Bottom Bracket Combination 

·         360mm Width Roller (Action MagRoller / ActionRoller Advance) 

o    Left: Outside/Outward 

o    Right: Outside/Outward 

·         450mm Width Roller (Action MagRoller Wide / ActionRoller Advance Wide) 

o    Left: Inside/Inward 

o    Right: Inside/Inward 

·         415mm Width Roller (MoZ-Roller) 

o    Left: Inside/Outward 

o    Right: Outside/Outward 


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