Bamboo Deck

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The Rear Deck for the Spicy Curry or Boda Boda gives your passengers a sturdy place to rest and your cargo extra support.  Pair with the Bamboo Running Boards and Mini Soft Spots for a super-stylish upgrade to your cargo bike.

·         5-Ply Bamboo

·         Cutout for the Yepp Maxi child seat to attach directly to the rear deck

·         Quick 8-bolt attachment

Only compatible with Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry and current V3 Boda Boda models and newer. Not compatible with original Boda Boda. 

*Yuba chooses to use Bamboo because it is a durable and sustainable material.  Bamboo is quick growing and requires minimal water and other resources reach maturity.

All of Yuba’s Bamboo products have been tested for hazardous or harmful chemicals in congruence with EU REACH regulations and passed with flying colors. Yuba is fully REACH compliant.

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