BC 8.12 ATS

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With the BC 8.12 ATS, SIGMA SPORT offers an affordable, entry level wireless model (also available wired - BC 8.12). Features include current speed, trip distance, total distance, and maximum and average speeds. 

Wireless transmission range is 70 cm (not suitable for rear wheel mounting). For rear wheel mounting set ups, use computers with STS transmitters (90cm range).

NOTE: Transmitter is zip tie mountable.



Bike functions

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip distance
  • Total distance (Not shown while riding)

Time functions

  • Trip time
  • Total trip time (Not shown while riding)
  • Clock

General functions

  • Full text display with seven available languages
  • Automatic start / stop
  • Watertight
  • Tool free install
  • UFSB-compatible
  • Service interval programmable via UFSB

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