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Women get style. And when it comes to helmets, this is the smallest and thinnest profile you can find in a bike helmet. The ladies' Berkeley is that perfect blend of style and functionality that let's people know - "I don't wear kooky spaceships on my head". Features a new flip visor to either run full peripheral vision when needed, or take it down to keep out the dangerous sun rays or gravel flying about.



·         Certified for both bike and snow sports

·         Multisport helmet allows you to swap out your Zipmold Summer Comfort Liner for a Zipmold Winter Liner, and back again, to keep one helmet all year round

·         Performance liner with adjustable dial allows for a customized fit with moisture control for comfort

·         Zipmold Technology for a tapered, thinner, low profile fit that is lighter weight with a higher strength to weight ratio than in-mold helmets

·         Small: 52-55.5cm, Medium: 55.5-59cm, Large: 59-62cm

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