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Boda Boda V3

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Get Lively on a Boda Boda

The Boda Boda has attracted a loyal following. It rocks the style and agility of a hip urban bike but adds incredible carrying capacity. Often a rider’s first cargo bike, the Boda Boda helps people connect with their neighbors and develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their little passengers.
If you like the nimble and lively feel of a smaller cargo bike, with a ton of carrying capacity, this is the solution for you.

The V3 Does It All

With the Boda Boda V3, there’s a way to do it all: it’s a cargo bike that's both nimble and solid, without compromising on astonishing carrying capacity.

With this design, you can now fit a Yepp Maxi seat on the Boda Boda and still have room for an older child to squeeze in right behind you (in a perfect cuddle position!). When the kids get older, pop off the Yepp and there’s plenty of room for them both on the rear deck…

Solid As Ever

The frame overall has a stiffer, even more solid, ride. The design and engineering reflects that sturdiness; the rear rack, for example, is stronger than ever.

Pack Enough for the Day

Pack up both kids, a picnic, a blanket, and the soccer gear, and you’re all set for a day at the park.

Here's the short story: the Boda Boda V3 is a compact cargo bike that can take on more load than ever and still get you around with that light, frisky ride that will leave you with a little bounce in your step.



  • 6' 1" or 186cm long
  • Step-Over
  • Rack length 25″(63 cm) width (inc. Sideloaders) 19.5″(50 cm)
  • 41lbs or 18kg
  • 3x8 SRAM X4
  • Disc Brakes
  • Fenders
  • Aluminum frame
  • Wide Side Stand
  • Fenders
  • Wheelskirts*
  • Sideloaders Cargo/ Feet support
  • Yepp mount
  • 2 yr Warranty
  • Micro Monkey Bars
  • Bread Basket
  • Mini Monkey Bars
  • Baguette V2
  • Bamboo Running Boards
  • Double Stand
  • Hold On Bars
  • Ring
  • Bamboo Deck
  • Soft Spot Padded Seat
  • Boda Pegs

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