Boots RC3 Skate

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For entry-level skiers, the mid-level stiffness gives you support to effectively transfer power during your kick. The boot's flex enhances your balance and control during the glide. The ankle has a rigid external cuff and large velcro strap that work together to direct all your power directly into your skis.

  • Zippered lace cover provides protection against the cold and wet.
  • Thermomoldable inner adapts to the shape of your feet.
  • Lycra heel surface reduces friction inside.
  • Ankle strap increases the contact between your shin and the tongue of the boot for efficient power transfer to your skis.
  • Hinged, external cuff supports the back and sides of your ankle to improve power transfer. Embedded EVA material provides a layer of cushioning between your ankle and the rigid frame.
  • T4 polyurethane sole has good torsional stiffness and overall flex that works for skiing and walking.

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