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CYCLING CAPS : Add some classic cycle style to your outfit with a Cinelli cycling cap. As well as looking great, it can provide extra protection from the elements, keep bugs out of your hair and the sun out of your eyes. It fits nicely under your helmet and is compact enough to slip into a jersey pocket.


ALFRED BOBE JR. CAP: This cap was designed by Alfred Bobé, a native New Yorker who has been a bike messenger for nearly 20 yrs. He specializes in militant urban cycling assault tactics and holds 4 Monster Track titles

BFF NEW YORK 2017 CAP: Official cap of the 2017 Bicycle Film Festival in New York

CALEIDO CAP: Cap inspired by the Strato Wired carbon frame and new for 2014 Vigorelli Caleido edition

COLUMBUS CLASSIC CAP/COLUMBUS DOVES CAP: The cardinal rule of the founder of Columbus Tubes Angelo Luigi, is that quality is taken care of at every stage of production

COPPA  AGOSTONI CAP: The first edition of the Coppa Agostoni Crit was held in 2015 in Lissone (near Milan) and it has quickly become one of Italy's most popular crits.

CORK CALEIDO TRAINING CAP: The new Cinelli Cork Camo cap is inspired by their new Cinelli Cork Caleido Ribbon bartape.

CREST BLACK CAP: The cap features the iconic Cinelli Crest logo. The logo dates back to the founding of the Cinelli brand and precedes the winged 'C'.

CINELLI NEMO TIG CAP: Cap inspired by the Nemo Tig frame...Steel is back! 

Color: Purple Haze - Yellow Moon - Silver Bullet - Black Dog - Cherry Bomb Red

ANA BENAROYA 'POSEIDON' CAP: New cap design by New Jersey Illustrator Ana Benaroya for the Cinelli Art Program.  

The Cinelli Art Program is a new product series that features limited edition design collaborations by their artist friends. The newest 'Poseidon' design features Ana's signature style and flavor

RUSS POPE CAP: New cycling cap by Massachusetts based artist Russ Pope for the Cinelli Art Program. His bold strokes, finite doodles, and striking paintings are characterized by faces, still life's and humorous events

TROPICALPUS CAP: This edition of the Cinelli Rider Collection is a collaboration between two of their favorite artists—rider Alfred Bobé Jr. and Puerto Rican artist Nepo. Together, they created a Caribbean flavor called ’Tropicalpus’, blending Nepo's graffiti with tattoo-influenced illustration set in the sandy beaches of Puerto Rico. 

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