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Contact Reflex

The Contact Reflex is Continental’s day to day urban commuter for hybrid bikes. It's also designed as a reliable high-end tourer for serious touring cyclists. With a reflective sidewall option, the Contact Reflex is safe, long lasting, reliable and fast rolling - the perfect mix for today's demanding bike rider.

·         A uniform centre tread/belt assembly ensures a smooth and speedy ride on the road. Flexible shoulder lugs and fines sipes give assured grip on loose, wet surfaces like gritty corners and tow paths.

·         A tough gumwall sidewall enables the tyre to withstand the harsh urban environment and the strong forces of tandem use. The ultra fine polyamide carcass reduces rolling resistance whilst providing a more comfortable ride.

·         The Contact Reflex is also compatible with E.Bikes.



·         Fast, safe & comfortable & long lasting!

·         The jack of all trades tyre from weekend leisure to globetrotting on the tandem

·         Includes 'Safety System' technology under the tread

·         Reflective sidewall option

Dimensions imperial: 20X1.40, 20x1.75

ETRTO: 47c

Inflation Pressure (psi): 45 - 56 max

Bead: Wire

Weight: 520g (Wire)

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