Core 3 Floor Pump

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Drawing from the design ethos (and trickling down technologies) of the Core Pro Pump, the Core 3 is a more economical pump with the same basic functionality of the Pro. It’ll fill any tire valve you can find quickly and accurately thanks to the oversized pump shaft, easy-to-read 3-inch-tall aviation pressure gauge and the inline bleed button on the airtap head.

        AirTap™ - The AirTap reversable pump head works with Schrader, Presta or Dunlop valves and features an integrated air bleed button right at the valve for perfect pressure, every time

        MATERIALS - Steel barrel, plastic handle, steel base

        PUMP HEAD - Dedicated grommets for each valve type ensure a secure clamping force and air tight seal

        Aviation Gauge – Large, 3 inch wide base-mounted gauge lets you easily read your tire pressure, and adds to the foot print of the Core pump’s solid stance

        Air Bleed button on the pump head to micro adjust pressure

        PUMPING ACTION - Large diameter inner shaft produces smooth, efficient pumping

        48" hose easily reaches your bike stand

        160 PSI / 11 BAR

        27.75" HEIGHT

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