Elite 4 Grip (Pre-Mounted Bindings)

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The Elite 4 Escape Skis is stable, fast gliding ski with a sidecut that provides control and a camber and mechanical grip zone that delivers a good kick. This is a good ski for recreational skiers and beginner to intermediate skiers. These skis are manufactured in Austria.

  • Light, consistent Densolite 1000 core with a uni-directional fibreglass wrap.
  • 51-48-46-49mm sidecut narrows slightly behind the foot and gets wider in front, for control and stability on your descent.
  • G1 waxless bases provide good glide, require little maintenance, and perform well in varied conditions.
  • Includes pre-mounted SNS auto universal profil bindings with a full-length guide ridge and automatic step-in system to suit recreational skiers.


Recommended User weight range 

·         0-55 kg (174 cm)

·         50-65 kg (182 cm)

·         60-75 kg (190 cm)

·         70-85 kg (198 cm)

·         80-95+ kg (206 cm) 

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