Knit Merino Wool Gloves

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Knit Merino Wool Glove

When you start to feel that telltale chill in the air on a fall ride but can't seem to find where you tucked your knit gloves last spring, you know you don't have too long before your hands are paying for your absentmindedness. Since your old gloves were ready for retirement anyway, now's as good a time as any to upgrade to the Giro Knit Merino Wool Glove. Instead of a classic synthetic knit, this glove comes crafted from New Zealand merino wool. It'll regulate your body temperature as you navigate frosty fall mornings and warm, sunny afternoons so that you don't end up soaked and clammy by the time you pull up at the coffee shop. Touchscreen-compatible fingers mean you can navigate your touchscreen computer or snap a quick picture of fall foliage without risking a dropped glove on the side of the road.

·         Streamlined glove won't disrupt your fall riding rhythm

·         Merino construction regulates temperature in any weather

·         Touchscreen-compatible fingers let you snap a quick photo

·         Grippy palms enhance dexterity in wet conditions



Material:  merino wool

Closure:  slip-on

Recommended Use:  cycling

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