LG1 Energy Gel

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LG1 Gels come from the need to have great-tasting, easy-to-digest flavorful athletic fuel. We put together a varied menu with the right fuel mixture that can cater to your training and racing experience.


  • A well balanced race/training gel composed of key electrolytes, antioxidants* and complex sugars formula for a no sugar peak, easy-to-digest, replenishing and great-tasting athletic fuel.
  • 8 easy-to-digest flavors to choose from and create variety on the circuit. 3 gel flavors are caffeinated and another has EXTRA electrolyte, for those extra hot summer months of training/racing.
  • Real fruit juice, key electrolytes, great consistency and a perfect carbohydrate balance create a great mouthfeel that goes in easy when your body needs to resupply.
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, free of coloring agents and artificial sweeteners or fake flavors; only great-tasting ingredients put together by the Louis Garneau nutrition team.
  • *Except Espresso flavor which provides 125 mg of caffeine in a single dose and contains less antioxidants.

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