Mission 26" Fat Bike Tire

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The Vee Rubber Mission tire is an economical, yet great-quality tire for your fat tire bike. Designed for fat bike riders who really want to haul, the Vee Rubber Mission tire is 4” wide to give you a ridiculous amount of float. This tire is built for speed and cushion on hardpacked surfaces. Its ramped knobs create great traction without slowing you down on the loose stuff. This tire is designated Tubeless Ready, and will interface nicely with the many tubeless-specific Fat Bike rims on the market, or will run just fine with a tube. Rip up the trails but not your wallet with the Vee Rubber Mission!

Type: Mountain

Size: 26x4.0”

ISO 559

Bead: Folding, Tubeless Ready


Weight: 1810g

TPI: 60


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