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The new Mixino Helmet by Catlike is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is a lightweight helmet that improves safety by the use of an Aramid roll cage which provides high impact protection. With vertical adjustment and new lateral wings to which different thickness pads can be attached, this is a helmet that will fit nearly every head shape and allowing you to customize your comfort.

The Crash Energy Splitter (CES) concept is designed around the location of the air vents so that any impact will share more than one nerve, distributing the crash energy among many different points thus absorbing it in the most efficient way. This technology allows material to be minimized in order to reduce weight whist maintaining safety priorities.

Usage: Road 


Shell construction: Aramid Roll Cage made from Aramid fibre. Used in aerospace and ballistic applications for its strength properties, the Aramid cage provides a higher protection in case of impact supporting the entire helmet structure

Fit system: Multi Positioning System (MPS eVo) allows adjustment at the rear of the helmet in different dimensions; up-down and open-close. See PDF download on the right of this page for further detail

Ventilation: 39 Dual Flow vents guide big frontal air to large exit vents located in the rear of the helmet making the airflow constant inside the helmet, avoiding overheating

Padding: Outlast technology, originally developed for NASA, utilizes phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort

Straps: Strap adjustments under ear, fore-aft and chin

Extra Features: CES (Crash Energy Splitter

Notes: Includes helmet bag


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