Nano Brake Light

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Nano Brake Light

Nano brake light, with small size and light weight, can be easily installed on the brake without using any tool.  It can be installed on the V-brake of mountain bike or sidepull caliber brake of racing bike.  With stainless steel  leaf spring switch, Nano brake light can be installed on a variety of brakes without affecting the braking performance. 

Link motion with the brake cable, Nano brake light can accurately reflect the braking time.  Whether traveling alone or with a team, safety will be greatly promoted with the Nano Brake Light.



·         With a high brightness red LED

·         Rainproof

·         Use an adjustable stainless steel leaf spring switch.

·         Can be fixed on sidepull caliper brake, V-brake

·         Use a CR1025 battery.

·         Run Time: constantly 50 hrs.

·         Size: H31mm x W16mm (without retaining screw ) x L30mm

·         Weight: 5.5g (with battery)


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