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If drinking cold water is important to you, the CamelBak Podium Ice Insulated Water Bottle is right up your alley. The Podium Ice bottle is the perfect cold-storage water bottle for biking adventures. This water bottle has been engineered to keep your body properly hydrated while improving your on-road performance. It has been designed with Aerogel Insulation, which keeps water cold four times longer than other bicycle water bottles. Cycling enthusiasts have trusted CamelBak for years to provide them superior bottles for water that are optimized for peak performance. The Podium Ice sports water bottle continues to elevate CamelBak as the best of the best in the cycling world. This premium squeeze water bottle is a must-have item for your bike accessories kit. It has been redesigned to fit securely in a variety of bicycle bottle cages. The water bottles squeeze easily, allowing you to take in more water with less effort. They also include a high flow, self-sealing cap, which maximizes flow rate while reducing spills and splashes. The Podium Ice bottle is 100% free of BPA, BPS, and BPF. This insulated water bottle also features Trutaste Polypropylene with HydroGuard materials so that you taste your water and nothing else, time after time. All parts are easy to separate, which makes cleaning a breeze. Trutaste™ with hydroguard™: taste your beverage and nothing else 

·         Optimized cage: fit engineered to fit in a variety of bottle cages 

·         Easy squeeze: get more fluid with less effort 

·         High flow and self sealing: cap maximizes flow rate while eliminating splatters and spills 

·         100% free of bpa, bps and bpf: ride clean, drink clean 

·         6- cap disassembles for easy cleaning: all parts can separate for thorough cleaning 


·         Innovative self-sealing jet valve™ eliminates splatters and spills 

·         Positive lockout for leak-proof transport 

·         Polypropylene with hydroguard™

Reservoir capacity: 

·         21oz/620ml 


·         Trutaste™ polypropylene 

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