Race 28 Supersonic Tube

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Race 28 Supersonic Tube

Decrease your rolling resistance. Note that the 0.45 mm thick walls increase your risk of a flat.


Supersonic means going fast. The Supersonic product line for road and MTB make you faster - faster in races, time trials, and marathons. Every Supersonic product is as light as possible with an extremely low rolling resistance. Everything about Supersonic is reduced to the minimum that is technically possible.

Valve Information:

Tubes are available with various valve types. Choosing a valve is dependent on application and the rim’s valve hole diameter.

Presta Valve:

·         Synonyms: Sclaverand-Valve (SV), French Valve

·         Outer Diameter: 6.5 mm

·         Other: All Continental tubes with a Presta valve can be unscrewed. (To lengthen the valve, add anti-flat agents, etc.)



Application: Road

ETRTO: 18-622 to 25-630

Tyre Sizes: 700 x 20c to 700 x 25c

Tube Material: Butyl

Valve type: Presta 42 mm, Presta 60 mm


·         universal / 18-25 x 622-630 Presta 42 mm : 50 g

·         universal / 18-25 x 622-630 Presta 60 mm : 50 g

·         universal / 700x18-25 Presta 36 mm : 55 g*


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