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Racing Digital Waxing Iron

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Take your ski tuning equipment to the next level with the T72 Digital Waxing Iron for racing skis from Swix. This wax iron controls the iron plate temperature with an internal micro processor that has a stunningly accurate digital display. Temperature adjustments are almost immediate, so you can apply a quality wax job, faster and more efficiently. Eliminate the guesswork with ski waxes and temperature with the Swix T72. This 110V version has a 12mm plate which is specially designed with an angle to apply Swix Cera F, a winning cold temperature race wax used by the pros.

  • Temperature range: 110° to 170° C
  • 7° Angle on heating plate for application of Cera F Powder
  • 550W
  • 12mm (0.47in) thick heating plate

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