RC7 Classic Boots

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Huge Value – Great Performance

The RC 7 Classic boot by Fischer is a great buy packed with performance. The best part is you don’t have to pay a ton of money to have a great boot under you when you get your classic ski session on… The key? This boot is one step down from Fischer’s top of the line boot, the RCS Carbonlite. The RC 7 is $80 dollars less and you won’t sacrifice performance.


Fit is king when it comes to any footwear but the Fischer RC7 seems to fit a nice range of foot shapes from modestly wide to narrow. The RC 7 is also heat moldable (mostly around the heel pocket) and this helps reduce the initial break-in period and helps create an ideal fit. The lace cover and sealed zipper keeps snow and wet out and keeps your feet warm and dry. The lacing inside the boot is traditional but closes with a quick and easy slider that holds the adjustment as you ski. The boot is easy to put on due to the two pull on loops front and back.

The Fischer RC7 is a NNN R3 soled boot so if you are new to classic know your boot sole and binding compatibility. The R3 sole has two grooves that run the length and match right into either a R3 or NIS Xcelerator binding (one is a screw on binding and the other is designed to work with NIS plated skis). The RC7 sole is wide and that creates a nice stable and torsional platform. You will enjoy skiing this boot. It is nice and light and flexes evenly and smoothly right out of the box.


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