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Albedo100 Reflective Spray is a Swedish Invention made the USA. Designed with nordic conditions in mind, our line of Reflective Sprays are already winning the hearts of sports enthusiasts and mothers alike around the globe.


Albedo100 Non-Permanent Colourless is a spray with light-reflective properties intended for use on textiles. The spray is invisible in daylight but light-reflective in the dark. The reflective effect is useful for the evening walk, jog or bike ride. Increase the visibility and safety of your self and your children in traffic by spraying your clothes and other textiles such as shoes, a baby stroller, backpack etc. Non-Permanent Colourless Spray works best on natural textiles and textiles with structure such as fleece, cotton and wool. The effect may be limited on shiny synthetic materials (do not spray on leather).


Albedo100 Permanent Silver Metallic is a spray with light-reflective properties that sticks to most surfaces, and resists wind and rain. The spray is UV-resistant and is durable on materials such as wood, concrete, metal, stone etc. Albedo100 Permanent Silver Metallic Spray is appropriate for use on wheels on strollers, bicycles, gates, letter boxes, kayaks, garbage cans, tools, metal, painted surfaces, pavements, fences, nylon textiles, bicycle-helmets, etc.

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