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Superlight Wax Superlite Wax

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Top model for skiers searching for absolute skiing enjoyment: noticeable weight reduction thanks to Power Layer.


Speed Grinding

Universal stone grinding for perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.

Power Layer

0.2 mm thin, extremely lightweight, full-surface high-pressure laminate comprising natural fibres and resin for noticeable ski weight reduction.

Air Core Basalite

Combination of Air Core material and extremely lightweight wood with air channels for efficient weight saving. Basalt fibres for perfect flex characteristics regardless of temperature.


Skis of the same size can vary by 5% or more in their weight capacity, please use the chart below to select the correct ski for your weight; more experienced skiers should choose longer/stiffer skis.  When purchasing skis from us, please be sure to indicate in the special notes of the shopping cart the skier weight associated with each pair of skis.  In addition, please note the experience level of the skier: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.   We use a special tool to mechanically compress each pair of skis to choose the very best pair for you!  If you are buying bindings as well and would like them installed, please indicate which bindings should be installed on which skis in the shopping cart notes section as well.


Skier Weight 

Ski Length 

> 198 lb


176 - 196 lb


165 - 175 lb

                    202, 207

154 - 164 lb

                    197, 202, 207

143 - 152 lb

                    192, 197, 202

132 - 142 lb

                    187, 192, 197

121 - 131 lb

                    182, 187, 192

110 - 120 lb

                    177, 182, 187

100 - 109 lb

                    177, 182

< 99 lb

                    172, 177

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