Supersonic Race 650 Inner Tube 650 x 18-25 c

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Supersonic Race 650 Inner Tube 650 x 18-25 c

·         All purpose inner tube and excellent replacement inner tube for your bike

·         Material: Butyl tubes with renowned Continental quality

·         Durability: Each and every inner tube passes a stringent 100% quality control inspection

·         Design: Seamless construction, with a mould-cured vulcanisation, to ensure uniform roundness and give a smooth ride and handling

·         Super lightweight butyl tube, even lighter than latex but not porous, so no need to reinflate every day. Can also be fixed with a normal puncture kit.

·         The valve inner tubes enables you to use deep section rims (40mm, 50mm and 60mm) as the shorter valve would not extend out of the rim valve hole.



Wheel Size: 26" & 650c

Weight: 45 g

Valve length: 60 mm

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