Twin Skin Pro

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Get on track with Twin Skin!
Twin Skin mohair strips are offset in variable depth channels with a higher profile under foot for grip, tapering to a lower profile to ensure smooth glide. Designed to work in a range of conditions and excel in hard and glazed tracks.

The Twin Skin Pro provides plenty of performance. It features a lightweight construction with a 70% mohair Twin Skin for grip when conditions turn hard or icy. Efficient Forward design optimizes the kick phase for skiers of any ability level.

·         Efficient Forward allows effective kick with less energy 

·         Twin Skin provides solid kick on hard and glazed tracks 

·         Adjustable binding position for different conditions

Construction: Air Tec Basalite 

Sidecut: 41-44-44

Base: World Cup Pro 

Climbing System: Twin Skin Mohair Mix

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