XLA9848 Classic Roller Skis

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Because of the large wheel size these skis use metal wheel forks. Although the XLA9848 uses aluminum wheel forks and aluminum shafts the ski is still quite smooth because with the large wheels we can use a softer rubber compound to absorb vibration and still have good durability. The XLA9848 are excellent for rough pavement or good dirt roads. 


Weight / pair: 2650 grams

Wheelbase: 749mm

Wheel Dimensions: 98 X 48mm wide.

Wheel Hub: The custom hub is made of aluminum and is designed by Jenex.

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 72 shore A. 

Wheel Forks are designed so that tracking can easily be adjusted.

Optional Speed Reducer: ATR9848

Optional Brake: B150XL

Replacement Wheels: W9848C ratchet wheel for the front and W9848 for the rear.



"V2 roller skis are the best”. - Kristina Smigun, Estonia. Double Gold and Silver Olympic Medalist

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