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Ride it, Fold it, Go Further

The Vektron is a best-in-class electric bike that folds in 10 seconds to go on trains, in cars, and under desks. Shorten distances and flatten the hills on your commute, or put a couple of Vektrons in the trunk of your car on your next trip, so you can explore further.

With a re-worked frame and frame geometry, the updated Vektron is now even better. The cockpit is longer for improved comfort for taller riders. The frame has been designed with additional forged and machined elements for additional strength without extra weight. The battery now reclines backwards, keeping the center of gravity as low as possible for superior handling. And the new design allows the Vektron to stand up vertically when folded, making it even easier to roll around.

In test after test, the Vektron is called the best folding ebike on the market. With an updated frame, upgraded Bosch motors, and a wide ecosystem of accessories to help you carry your stuff, the Vektron will easily turn a lot of your car trips into bike trips.

One Size Fits Most 

The Vektron has a low-step frame design and resizes in seconds—no tools required—to fit riders between 145 and 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”), so you can share the bike with anyone in your family.

Kiddie Compatible 

School runs have never been more fun! The frame-integrated Atlas V Rack is designed to fit a Thule Yepp Maxi or a Nexxt Maxi seat—no adapters needed.

·         New colors and updated styling

·         Upgraded to the Bosch Active Line Plus electric drivetrain for 270% more assistance and 50 Nm of torque

·         Hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping power

·         Updated frame with a reclining battery for a lower center of gravity and better ride

·         Frame passed strict European safety standards for pedal-assist e-bikes, having been certified as EN15194-compliant by EFBE Prüftechnik

·         Integrated Atlas Rack works seamlessly with Thule Yepp Maxi and Nexxt Maxi child seats—no adapters needed

·         Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family


Quadric™ Dropouts


Dropouts are often overlooked, but a good dropout goes a long way. Our Quadric dropout is built taller, so your disc brakes are protected inside the frame. The design makes the eyelets for mudguards, racks, and our clip system more user-friendly and accessible than ever before. We even included a mount for a sturdy rear kickstand.


Tarsus™ Fork

 Hydroform meets function

Utilizing a single hydroformed tube mated to a precision-machined steerer, the Tarsus delivers superior strength in a shape that matches the sophisticated lines of the Verge and Eclipse frames.

Physis™ 3D Handlepost

 The new benchmark

Five patented technologies and unique manufacturing technology add up to the strongest, stiffest folding handlepost available. The Physis uses a special manufacturing process called 3D forging, which forms the post from a single piece of aluminum, eliminating all welds.

Velo Ergonomic LockOn Grips

 Be kind to your hands

ErgoLock grips are nice and wide for excellent palm support so your hands can relax during the ride. They also lock in place on the handlebars so they’re always in the correct position, unlike non-locking grips which tend to rotate out of position.



The Andros is our patented adjustable stem that lets you set your handlebars where you want—no tools, no fuss. In just seconds, you can set your riding position to long and low in a tough headwind, or upright and comfy for riding around town. You decide how you want to ride and the Andros makes your bike fit.

Porter™ Saddle

 A new way to carry your bike

One of our favorite ways to get a Tern bike up a set of stairs is to hook the nose of the saddle over a shoulder. It’s fast and easy, but the nose of the saddle can be hard. We solved this pain-point by re-engineering the underside of the saddle into a comfortable shoulder pad. It cushions and “grips” your shoulder so your hands are free to carry other things—like a backpack or the weekend’s groceries.


Telescopic Seatpost™


This seatpost is perfect for tall riders or anyone who likes a compact fold. It extends 90 mm longer than our stock seatpost, but thanks to its unique design, it’s 120 mm shorter when retracted. It features a dual-bolt head design for precise saddle adjustment, and an inner post diameter of 27.2 mm, so you can customize it with other posts.

Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

 All-weather stopping power

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver powerful stopping power in all weather conditions with the touch of a finger.


Schwalbe Big Apple Tires

 Cush for your tush

Big Apples are special because they’re fast rolling AND super comfy. Sounds hard to believe but you’ll just have to take them for a ride to become a believer.

Shimano Alivio Shadow Derailleur


For most cities, the resilient 9-speed Alivio Shadow derailleur is all you really need—with the added benefit of keeping everything tucked away for extra protection, which comes in handy when you need to transport your folded bike.


Bosch Active Line


Adapted from Bosch’s German-engineered automotive applications, the Active Drive Line drive unit can take you up to 25 km per hour (20 mph in the U.S.) and operates dependably—day in and day out. The new generation of the Active Line is also 28% lighter and 25% smaller than the previous one, maintaining its excellent performance and low-levels of vibration while delivering an even quieter ride with less pedal resistance.

Bosch PowerPack Battery

 Feather-light powerhouse

This impressive high-energy, high-power cell clips on and off your bike. The best-in-class design charges fast—from zero—in only 2.5 to 3.5 hours, and lets you ride longer and further between charges. You’ll be impressed by its long lifespan, light weight, and ease of charging. PowerPacks are available in 300/400/500 Wh variants, so you can forget about range anxiety.

Bosch Purion Control Panel

 Compact control center

The on-board computer lets you switch between five different riding modes, and feeds you handy information like speed, battery level, and distance. It optimizes shifting actions and constantly updates you on the remaining range, just like a typical German car. Best of all, it’s now more compact and robust than ever.

Magnetix™ 2.0

 Keep it together

The Magnetix 2.0 uses powerful magnets to keep your bike folded for situations like carrying your bike up and down stairs. With a pull force 10-15 Kgf, the Magnetix 2.0 will keep your bike folded even when being jostled and moved about.

Luggage Socket™

 Carry more stuff

Fix the Tern Luggage Truss to the Luggage Socket and you can plug in your choice of front luggage: rack, basket, or bag. If it’s KlickFix compatible, it’ll work.

Valo™ Direct Light

 Immediate illumination

Our 41 lux, 150 lumen Valo Direct lights up your ride without adding the drag or weight of a dynamo. It’s engineered to sit inside the handlebar stem, where it’s safe from knocks, bumps, and theft. That means it’s protected while folding, and optimally positioned to give you the most light.

720° Visibility

 See and be seen

You need to be safe when you’re out on the road. That’s why we’ve designed our hard-core commuter bikes with 720° Visibility: 360° of active lighting and 360° of reflectivity.

Atlas Rack


With structural cues from the heavy-duty Tern GSD, the new Atlas Rack has been massively strengthened and increased in size, with a load capacity of 27 kg (59 lb). This reduces flex for more secure handling when the bike is loaded. Riding with your little one? Add a Thule Yepp Maxi or Nexxt Maxi child seat—no adapters needed. The Atlas Rack is also KLICKfix-compatible, and can hold panniers of different sizes—including the Bucketload Pannier, which was designed to fit every configuration of the Vektron.



SPEEDS:  1 x 9 

WEIGHT:  21.9 kg (48.3 lb) 

GEAR INCHES:  33" - 97" (2.65 - 7.72 m) 

FOLDING SIZE:  41 × 86 × 68 cm (16.1 × 33.9 × 26.8 in) 


DISTANCE: SEATPOST TO HANDLEBAR: 62 - 69 cm (24.4 - 27.2 in)


DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDAL:  67 - 110 cm (26.4 - 43.3 in) 

SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT:  147 - 195 cm (57.9 - 76.8 in) 

MAX GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT:  125 kg (275.6 lb) 

MAX LOAD WEIGHT:  105 kg (231.5 lb) 

MAX RIDER WEIGHT:  105 kg (231.5 lb) 



FRAME:  Tern Vektron, hydroformed 7005-AL, OCL+ joint, 3 patented technologies 

FORK:  Tern Tarsus, 6061-Al, hydroformed 



HANDLEPOST:  Tern Physis 3D, 3D forged, 5 patented technologies, 12°, 320 mm 

STEM:  Tern Andros, adjustable, forged construction, patented technology 

HEADSET:  Tern Flux, cartridge bearings, Physis integrated 

HANDLEBAR:  Flat bar, 6061-AL, Tern Andros adapted 

GRIPS/BAR TAPE:  Velo ergonomic, lock-on 

SADDLE:  Tern Porter, patented GripPad design 

SEATPOST:  Tern Telescope, 34.9/30.9 mm, 2014-AL 

SEATPOST CLAMP:  Tern Collar, 6061-AL, 2pc 



FRONT BRAKE:  Shimano, hydraulic disc 

REAR BRAKE:  Shimano, hydraulic disc 

BRAKE LEVERS:  Shimano, hydraulic disc 

BRAKE CABLE & HOUSING:  Shimano, hydraulic disc 



FRONT HUB:  Shimano disc 

REAR HUB:  Shimano disc 

SPOKES AND NIPPLES:  Stainless steel 

RIMS:  Kinetix Comp, for disc 

TIRES:  Schwalbe Big Apple, 55-406, puncture protection, Reflex 



SHIFTER(S):  Shimano Alivio, 1 x 9 spd, trigger 

REAR DERAILLEUR:  Shimano Alivio Shadow 

CRANKSET:  Vektron custom, forged 6061-AL crankarm 

CASSETTE/FREEWHEEL:  Shimano 11-32T, 9 spd 

BOTTOM BRACKET:  Motor integrated 

CHAIN:  9 spd, DHT for eBike, GST corrosion resistant coating 


SHIFTER CABLE & HOUSING:  Jagwire LEX-SL, slick treatment, alloy ferrules 



MOTOR:  Bosch Active Line Plus, 270% Assist, 50 Nm Torque, max speed 25 kph (EU); max speed 20 mph (US)

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