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Wax Pack – Fanny Pack Wax Kit for XC Skis

A perfect take along for the Back Country skier or a ski season must have for the recreational / touring skier, the P34 Swix Fanny Pack Waxpack 7 for Nordic Skis - P0034 contains:

  • Kickwaxes V40 Blue Extra, V60 Red/Silver
  • Universal Klister K22N
  • A synthetic cork
  • 25 m Fiberlene cleaning towel
  • 70 ml Base Cleaner
  • Groove scraper
  • Fanny Pack

Recommended Use:
The Swix Fanny Pack Wax Kit contains wax for a wide range of conditions and can be used for Back Country Ski preparation and XC Ski Touring. Swix Base Cleaner and Swix Fiberlene allows you to clean your bases and re-wax for major ski condition changes.

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