Zenith Classic Wax

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The Peltonen Zenith Classic waxable ski has an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber-reinforced Carbon Aviflex construction and a lightened toe and heel structure that improves the ski's glide and makes it easier to turn. The high-molecular-weight PRG 4000 graphite base and the Universal profile work on all substrate types. With the NIS system, you fasten bindings without screws in seconds. The bindings do not stiffen the skis at all and allow for a more natural ride. The bindings can be moved forwards or backwards on the NIS plate. High-quality skis made in Finland.

·         Width: 44 mm

·         Lengths: 181-209 cm

·         Construction: Aircell Aviflex

·         Base: TopRace

·         Usage: Classic waxable

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