FS260-Pro Nemo Glove II

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The idea of using neoprene as a barrier against the cold has been around since 1950s in wetsuits, but was only recently adopted for cycling. The theory was; if it can keep you warm in near zero water submersion, it can keep your hands warm on the bike. The FS260-Pro Nemo Glove II proves this theory correct, helping keep your hands warm on even some of the coolest, dampest days.



The high quality superstretch neoprene creates a comfortable, snug fitting glove and the addition of a wicking terry inner moves moisture away from your skin and adds a little extra warmth.


·         Superstretch neoprene outer

·         Wicking terry inner for insulating warmth

·         Waterproof fabric with welded construction

·         Deep cuff overlaps with sleeve

·         Silicone grip palm print

·         Reflective trim


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