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Speedmax 3D Plus Classic

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*Skis over 197cm in length cannot be sent through Canada Post and may incur additional shipping charges. We will reach out to you with details if so.

The right choice for moving fast in wet or coarse snow conditions is the Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 902. Gliding Sidewall construction provides a seamless, smooth surface to both sides of the ski ensuring the reduction of friction for improved performance. Optimized for warm wax conditions. Of course a ski this fast carries the RACE CODE seal. 

·         Gliding Sidewall for enhanced glide 

·         Better waxing and grindability for maximum speed 

·         Optimized for use in wet or slushy snow. 

Construction: Air Core HM Carbon 

Sidecut: 41-44-44 

Base: World Cup Plus 

Climbing System: Wax

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