Nordic Ski Base Prep

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Skis must be dropped off before 7 pm on Tuesday to be ready for pickup on Friday after 4pm of the same week. 

Base Prep Basic: Swix Base Prep base wax followed by Swix F4 universal wax (+10o to -10o)

Base Prep Sport: Swix Base Prep base wax followed by Swix HS wax of choice (default HS 7 -2o to -8o)

Base Prep Race: Swix LF base wax followed by Swix TS wax of choice (default TS7 -2o to -8o)

 This service is recommended before the first ski of each season, or before a ski holiday.  The care provided for your skis with these services optimizes the base of your skis and ensures the wax lasts as long as possible.  The cleaning and base prep outlined below is recommended for every skier at least once per year.

All of the Base Prep Services go through the following processes by hand.

Steel Scrape: When warranted, minor gouges or scratches in the ski base can be flattened by using a steel scraper to smooth out imperfections and reduce drag.

Steel Brushing: A steel bristle brush is used to remove some base oxidation and open the structure to better absorb the hot wax applications.

Warm Scrape: A warm temperature base prep wax is applied with an iron. The wax is scraped off again before it has completely cooled.  This removes tiny pollutants stuck in the pores of the ski base which can be picked up from the snow like dirt, diesel residue, and pine tannins.  It also prepares the base for the saturation wax, making it more durable.

Saturation Wax: The final, hot, glide wax application is ironed in and left to cool overnight.  This long cooling process ensures the wax has maximum time to sink into the base and cure for maximum durability and the best glide.

Final Polish: Finally, the skis are scraped of excess wax, and polished successively with medium bronze, stiff nylon, and soft nylon brushes respectively to bring out the satin shine of a finished set of skis.

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