Base Performance Liquid Paraffin Glide Wax Spray

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Liquid paraffin wax for training sessions in all disciplines, for casual and enthusiast skiers. Non-Fluorinated spray-on wax can be used on its own or after hot waxing as a topper. For best results, allow 10 minutes to dry, then, polish the ski from tip to tail with a fine nylon brush. 


Yellow: Temperature range:           Snow 0 °C to -6 °C

Air 10 °C to -4 °C

Soft liquid wax for high-moisture and wet snow conditions-Ideal for training sessions, junior racing and ambitious enthusiasts-Fast processing-Long-lasting wax adhesion 


Red: Temperature range:                 Snow -4 °C to -12 °C

Air -2 °C to -11 °C

Medium hard liquid wax with a wide application range for common conditions in the medium snow temperature range.


Blue: Temperature range:    Snow -10 °C to -30 °C

Air -9 °C to -30 °C

Hard liquid wax for cold, hard, dry and aggressive snow conditions 


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