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BP77 Base Prep Cold, 180 g

A hard baseprep wax, For all disciplines, For all waxers, Used in all condtions

A harder Baseprep for new DH, GS and SL skis used for all conditions. Can also be used for glacier training. The wax is good to work with and gives the skis a nice looking finish.



BP99 Base Prep Warm, 180g

A soft wax with low melting point, First wax on new skis, For all waxers, Recomended for hot-box

Soft wax with low melting point. Recommended as the first wax on all new skis to make the base accustomed to hot irons. BP99 is also recommended for skis or boards in the “Hot Box”. The temperature in the Hot Box should never be higher than 55°C/130°F. Higher temps than 55°C in the hot box can cause delamination of the base.



BP88 Base Prep, 180g

A baseprep wax for normal condtions, For new skis and as travel wax, For all waxers, Used in all condtions

For normal winter conditions, 0°C to -10°C. The All Round Base Prep wax for most skis/boards. Used on new skis and as travel wax.



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