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Bike Beam

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By bridging the gap between the bike's stem and seat tube, the Saris Bike Beam creates a virtual top tube that lets you bring any bike along for the ride.

Product Features:

·         The Bike Beam creates a top tube for mounting non-traditional bike frames.

·         Easy to use, the sliding collar feature ensures that your Bike Beam is securely installed on your bicycle.

·         For use with racks where bikes are secured by the top tube, such as hanging style hitch racks, trunk racks or home bike storage solutions.

·         Length adjusts to fit most bikes, and opens easily with a slide mechanism.

·         Minimum seat tube to stem distance: 14.5"

·         Maximum seat tube to stem distance: 27.5"

·         Bike weight capacity: 35 lb.

·         Bridges the gap between stem and seat to create a virtual top tube.

·         For use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube.


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