Snug Alloy Bar End Plugs

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The Fyxation Alloy Bar End Plugs are rugged, fit all bars and are a great way to finish off your ride. These are the ultimate replacement for the cheap handlebar end plugs that ship with open ended track grips or bar tape.

  • Durable alloy cap with mounts on inside of bar
  • Includes two different size expanding elastomer plugs to fit most handlebars
  • Available in black anodized, white, red anodized, silver anodized, gold anodized, pink anodized, purple anodized and orange anodized
  • Price listed is for quantity of 2 caps (1 set)
  • Ideal replacement for cheap end plugs that ship with bar tape or open ended track grips
  • Work great with drop bars, bullhorn bars, straight bars or any grip with a thinner outside diameter
  • Cap Outside Diameter: 25mm
  • Recommended for track grips or drop bars with bar tape


  • Choose the blue or black elastomer that most closely matches the inside diameter of your handlebar. Install the elastomer using the washer and nut provided. The black elastomer uses the smaller washer.

  • Prior to installing the bar end plug..
    • For easier installation, place a small drop of oil or grease under the head of the screw.
    • Expand the elastomer so that the bar end plug to nearly the inside diameter of the handlebar. To expand the elastomer hold the bar end cap with one hand while tightening the hex screw with a 3mm hex wrench. 

  • With the elastomer expanded to nearly the inside diameter of the handlebar, slide the bar end cap assembly into the handlebar so that the cap is flush with the end. 

  • Hold the cap and turn the hex screw to expand the elastomer tightly inside the handlebar. Continue tightening until the bar end plug is securely in place.

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