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Synthetic Cork

Synthetic cork, For kick wax corking, For all classic skiers, Effectiv

Used to cork wax (and powders) into the base.


Synthetic Cork with Sandpaper

Synthetic cork with sandpaper #120, For sanding and wax corking, For all classic skiers, Smart velcro function

Synthetic Cork with #100 grit sandpaper attached with Velcro®. A combi cork with sandpaper to be used on the kick zone before applying kick wax; Will make the kick wax adhere better to the base.


Natural Cork

Natural cork, For Cera F and wax polish, For active skiers and waxers, High cork quality

Used to cork wax into the base.


Synthetic HD Cork, racing Clear

Synthetic racing cork, For wax corking, For all classic skiers, Durable

This synthetic cork has a higher density than a regular synthetic cork. For racing.


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