Endure XC Sock Light

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A technical cross country sock specifically made for use with ski boots. 

Endure cross country sock is a quartet of temperature optimized cross country winter training socks. User properties are created by yarn compositions and panels of purposeful knitting structures. Knowing that most heat dissipation happens through footbed; the warmest version has full terry footbed and a very high content of wool. The least warm version feature coolmax yarns and offers a higher degree of sweat management. Wide piqué calf "rib" ensures less press marks. Sweat transporting terry heel cap is set to remove risk of blisters.



·         A premium double knitted wool blend high performance X-country specific sock

·         For all activity levels depending on preference. Suitable for high intensity winter training.

·         Yarn composition and knit structure feet-mapping

·         High arch/flat foot adaptive rib

·         Wide piqué calf top

·         Boot heel cap tensioner cushion

Material: 13% wool, 13% acrylic, 70% polyamide (nylon), 4% elastane

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