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DETAILS Developed for touring-loving enthusiasts, Salomon's Escape poles combine the lightweight and comfortable touring performance you crave when heading out to explore the outdoors with the use of recycled materials. Discover dependable performance with regular pendulum Nordic poles. Designed for consistent forward and backward movement, these poles offer reliable skiing dynamics. Ideal for a wide range of skiers seeking a straightforward and effective pole motion. Elevate your skiing with poles that provide a stable experience. Unleash power and precision with stiff rigidity Nordic poles. Engineered for optimal power transmission, these poles provide enhanced performance for dynamic strides. Perfect for skiers aiming to maximize their speed and efficiency. Elevate your skiing with poles that match your drive for peak performance. Embark on your cross-country journey with our beginner-friendly gear. Designed for easy learning and stability, our skis provide smooth glides. Comfortable boots offer support, while simple bindings ensure secure control. Elevate your skills with gear that grows with you. FEATURES & FABRICS Touring: A larger basket for more floatation in powder. The perfect fit for shafts with a 11mm diameter tip. Steel: Basket tips Rental: This simple and durable strap is designed for adults who enjoy skiing. Composite 16/11: This composite shaft has a 16mm diameter at the top and tapers down to 11mm near the tip. EVA Escape: The Eva Grip with foam on the handle guarantees a more comfortable grip during your Nordic escapes.

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