FiberFix Spoke

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A Kevlar Replacement for Broken Spokes

Fiberfix Spoke replaces spokes on any wheel. Handy case and instructions are provided. No freewheel removal required. Spoke wrench included. Works on front or rear wheel. Kevlar is stronger than steel. It's perfect for mountain biking and long distance touring.

An Emergency Item for All Bicyclists 

FiberFix Spokes are used by bikepackers, mountain bikers, touring cyclists, road riders, commuters, tandem riders, and racers on long-distance training rides.

Easy to Use 

String up the FiberFix Spoke using the simple instructions included. Then turn the device with a spoke wrench to the desired tightness. Tie off the excess cord and continue your ride.

Tested Tough 

FiberFix Spoke is made of a strong Kevlar cord with an extremely durable cam slide mechanism. Unique design works on the freewheel side of the rear wheel without freewheel removal. FiberFix Spoke has been torture tested over thousands of miles.

Bring Anywhere 

With FiberFix Spoke you can true a bent rim caused by a broken spoke. There's no need to carry a freewheel remover or risk opening your brakes to make it home. They're perfect for long-distance rides and back-country adventures.

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