Glide Wax Cleaner, 70ml

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Glide Wax Cleaner, 70ml

Cleaner & conditioner for fluorinated glide wax for racing skis and snowboards.

Cleaner for fluoro glide wax and CH wax. Improves glide and conditions the base. For glide sections only on all racing skis and snowboards. Involves no hard mechanical treatment of the base. No wearing of the stone grind pattern in the ski base. Makes the ski faster! 70 ml/2.5 fl. oz. Apply cleaner (I84) with Fiberlene. Brush with white nylon brush while wet. Wipe clean with Fiberlene. Let dry for 5-30 minutes. Brush with hand steel brush (or Roto steel brush). Wax with Base Prep wax.

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