KICKR Axis Action Feet

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Bringing natural movement to the legendary KICKR Smart Trainer

Whether mashing or spinning, riding in the saddle or out, KICKR AXIS feet let cyclists of all types customize the ride feel, enhance feedback, and experience a more realistic training setup by providing up to 5 degrees of side-to-side movement. KICKR AXIS feet enhance natural movement on the bike by minimizing pressure touchpoints, thus reducing fatigue and allowing you to train longer. KICKR AXIS comes with three stiffness options - easy, medium, and hard - so cyclists are able to match their unique riding style and preferences

·         TRAIN EFFECTIVELY: The side-to-side movement experienced with KICKR AXIS feet allow the body to engage and recruit the stabilizing muscles attributed to the biomechanics behind proper form and effective training

·         COMPATIBLE WITH ALL KICKR VERSIONS: KICKR AXIS feet are backwards compatible with all versions of the KICKR Smart Trainer

·         No matter which KICKR you have, you can upgrade your ride

* KICKR AXIS is NOT compatible with KICKR CORE and KICKR SNAP

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