Kickr Direct Connect

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Worry less about a dropped wireless connection and focus in on your virtual race.

Wahoo's latest accessory for the KICKR Smart Trainer lets you worry less about your connection and focus on your virtual ride at hand. No more wireless drop outs or signal interference, KICKR Direct Connect attaches your KICKR to your router for a constant streaming virtual ride or race. Compatible with many 3rd party apps including SYSTM, Zwift, TrainerRoad, Fulgaz and many more.

NOTE: KICKR Direct Connect is NOT compatible with previous KICKR editions, KICKR CORE, KICKR SNAP, and KICKR BIKE.


DON'T GET DROPPED:  No more worrying about your wireless connection dropping during your virtual races and online group rides. KICKR Direct Connect provides a hard wired solution from your KICKR Smart Trainer to your internet router.

SAFE & SECURE:  To prevent damage to the Direct Connect Pod or your KICKR, Direct Connect has a Quick disconnect cable that is robust enough to stay attached during normal use but will easily break the connection if enough pressure is applied.

ZERO CONFIGURATION:  Direct Connect is built on Multicast DNS to provide a simple, plug and play solution to stay connected.

APP COMPATIBILITY:  KICKR Direct Connect is compatible with SYSTM, Zwift, Trainer Road, Fulgaz, bKool, and RGT Cycling - with more 3rd party partners in the future. 


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