Mag-Point Grip 2.0

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Replacement grips for One Way Mag-Point poles with cork.

The patented Nordic Mag Point System 2.0 provides an intuitive, comfortable click in and click-out of the strap at the press of a button with no need to open the strap.

Ergonomic improvements to the extremely light cork grip Mag Point Grip 2.0, in combination with the optimized Mag Point Strap 2.0, provide ideal swing characteristics of the pole. Thanks to the new geometry of the magnetic metal attachment point, as well as the reshaped attachment ball, there is an even more direct power transfer. A simple push-button allows removal of the strap without the need to open it.

One Way has closely collaborated with the world's best biathletes on the project of creating a unique and highly-reliable pole grip system - the Mag-Point.

You will never miss the grip socket as the magnets help to guide the strap connector to the grip. Once it is in place, lock the system by simply pressing the lock button with the thumb. It is that easy.

Forget accidental unlocking and dropped poles. The MAG-POINT system utilizes a combination of magnetic technology and mechanical locking mechanism making it highly-reliable.

One Way has analyzed the feedback from their World Cup athletes and service team and created a locking mechanism that is released using only the index finger. One Way has added just right amount of button resistance to eliminate the risk of unintentional unlocking.

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