Marathon Winter Plus

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FOR A SAFER JOURNEY. You have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter Plus. Even in tight bends and under violent braking everything remains under control, thanks to special Winter compound, lamella tread and up to 240 spikes. For best possible puncture protection it comes with a SmartGuard layer. Schwalbe Protection Level 7.


SmartGuard®: The most effective protection belt for bicycle and e-bike tires. 5 mm of highly elastic special rubber. Only tires with SmartGuard® and Smart DualGuard can rightly call themselves "unplattbar" or "flat-less". Exclusively from Schwalbe. Partly obtained from recycled material. 

Recycling: Old products made of natural rubber (such as gloves, tubes...) are crumbed and, over several procedural steps, used as base material in the puncture protection system. 

Performance Line: Excellent quality for intensive use. 

Flat-less: Exclusively from Schwalbe. Only tires with SmartGuard® and Smart DualGuard puncture protection can rightly call themselves "unplattbar" or "flat-less". Proven a million times over - the safest choice for bikes and e-bikes. The flat-less puncture protection even protects against thumb tacks. 

Dynamo: Tire with dynamo ribbing on the sidewall. Specially designed for use with classic sidewall driven dynamos. 

E-25: Tires with the recommendation "E-25" are the perfect choice for all pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h. The most important criterion for this recommendation: safety.

Spikes: All Schwalbe spikes have a core made of extremely wear-resistant hard metal (tungsten carbide). You can ride a few thousand kilometers with it. It is normal for the corners to grind round and the spikes to press in a little deeper.


·         Size: ETRTO 50-622 (28x2.00 Inch)

·         Type: Wired

·         Compound: Winter

·         Version: SmartGuard

·         Colour: Black-Reflex

·         Seal: Tube

·         Weight: 1265 g

·         Pressure: 2.5-5.0 Bar (35-70 psi)

·         Maximum load: 115 kg

·         EPI: 67

·         E-Bike: E-25

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