Snowscape 9 + Prolink Shift Pro Binding

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The SNOWSCAPE 9 SKIN is built for fitness enthusiasts. Short-cut, easy up and down, featuring the proven, silent, Skingrip+ technology, the ski comes  equipped with the Prolink (NNN) Shift Pro moveable binding. These bindings allows you to alter the grip characteristics based on their position. When the bindings are shifted forward the skis have more grip, shifted backwards provides more glide.

The ski is designed for use in and out of set-track, and works well in all snow conditions and has good control and secure grip characteristics.



40 - 50kg


50 - 65kg


65 - 80kg


75 - 90kg


 90 - 110kg 


Ergonomic moveable binding

The PROLINK SHIFT binding is easily shifted backward/forward to improve the performance of your ski.

Grip and silent

The 100% mohair SkinGrip+ technology provides the perfect balance between grip and glide.

Easy up and down

Short length and dedicated S-CUT shape enable maximum maneuverability going up or down.


Side cut           47/45/49


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