Speedmax 3D Skate 61K

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Only the finish line will limit your speed.
Sometimes history is decided by a hundredth of a second or a fraction of an inch. With this in mind, the Fischer product team designed Speedmax skis and boots with cutting edge materials and constructions for minimal weight and maximum speed. The Fischer RACE CODE seal is your assurance that Speedmax products are built to World Cup standards.

Designed for use in soft snow conditions, the Speedmax 3D Skate 61K offers more pressure relief at the ski tip and tail for speed in soft tracks. Built with all the key Speedmax features including Gliding Sidewalls to reduce friction, and Cold Base Bonding, a process that applies the base without heat and pressure for optimal wax absorption and grindability. This model carries the Fischer RACE CODE designation confirming the ski is built to World Cup standards

·         Gliding Sidewall for enhanced glide 

·         Cold Base Bonding improves wax absorption and grindability for maximum speed 

·         Optimized for use in soft snow conditions

Construction: Air Core HM Carbon 

Sidecut: 41-44-44 

Base: World Cup Plus

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