Storm 2 MAG

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If Nordic skiing is your preferred winter training, the Storm 2 Mag will be an important component of your gear. The shaft is made of 100% extra light and stiff carbon. It has the advantage of the unique Mag Point System 2.0 quick-attach magnetic capability. A simple to use button lets you attach or detach the strap without having to open it. High-quality Mag Point Strap 2.0 and Mag Point Grip 2.0 optimize your control and maximize your power transfer. The quick-swap, tool-free Exchange Basket System lets you easily match the basket to whatever terrain and conditions you're in.


100% Carbon Shaft:  Shaft made of pure carbon fibre laminate.

Directional Sintered Tip: Directional high performance carbide tip.

Exchange Basket System: Quick changeable race basket in different sizes with carbide tip.

Mag Point Grip 2.0:  Patented strap/grip click system. Grip with 360° cork shield. Fixed orientation of the loop.

Softtouch Finish:  Particularly high-quality shaft surface with a unique feel and especially high-contrast colours.


·         Shaft diameter combined: 16:9 mm

·         Shaft material:  Carbon 100%

·         Swingweight: 110 kgm²

·         Balance point: 693 mm

·         Breaking load: 650 n

·         Stiffness: 26 mm

·         Weight per meter: 75 g

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